Melania Trump : Amalija Knav’s grandmother has died

Melania Trump : Amalija Knav's grandmother has died

Hello, little friends! Today, we have some news to share about someone very special. Melania Trump, who used to be the first lady, shared that her mommy, Grandma Amalija Knavs, has passed away. Let’s talk about the wonderful things she did and why she was so loved.

Melania Trump : A Strong and Graceful Lady:

Grandma Amalija Knavs was a fantastic lady. Melania said she was strong, graceful, warm, and full of dignity. Imagine being so strong and carrying yourself with so much love and warmth! That’s how special she was.

Melania Trump : Amalija Knav's grandmother has died

Melania Trump : Devoted to Family:

Grandma Amalija loved her family a lot. She was married to Grandpa Viktor, and together they had two daughters, one of whom is Melania Trump. She also had a grandson, which means she was a grandma who must have given the best hugs and kisses!

Melania Trump : A Legacy of Love:

Even though she’s not with us anymore, Grandma Amalija’s love and legacy will stay in the hearts of those who knew her. People will remember the wonderful person she was and all the love she gave to her family.

Grandma’s Hobbies:

Did you know Grandma Amalija was from a place called Slovenia? It used to be part of communist Yugoslavia. She used to work with textiles, which means she might have been great at making clothes or other cool things!

Travels with the Trumps:

Grandma and Grandpa Knavs, even after they retired, liked to travel. They often went to visit Melania Trump family, especially when they lived in the White House. Imagine going on trips with Grandma and Grandpa to exciting places like Mar-a-Lago and Bedminster, New Jersey!

Family Fun:

When Melania and her family were in the White House, Grandma and Grandpa Knavs visited a lot. They must have had so much fun together! Maybe they played games, had yummy meals, and shared lots of laughs.

Remembering the Good Times:

Even though Grandma Amalija is not with us now, we can remember all the good times. The hugs, the smiles, and the love she gave to everyone. Those memories will always be in our hearts.

Honoring Grandma’s Memory:

When someone special like Grandma Amalija leaves us, it’s essential to honor and remember them. We can do this by thinking about the happy times we shared and by being kind and loving to others, just like Grandma was.

Feeling Sad:

It’s okay to feel a little sad when someone we love goes away. We can talk about our feelings with our family and friends. They might feel sad too, and talking can make us feel a bit better.

Grandma’s Love Forever:

Even though Grandma Amalija is not here anymore, the love she gave will always be with us. It’s like having a warm hug from Grandma in our hearts, reminding us how much she cared.

Wishing Grandma Peace:

Let’s send our love to Grandma Amalija and wish her peace. She will always be a special part of the Trump family, and we can remember her with love and smiles.