Ling in Mobile Legends: Three Heroes You Need

Ling in Mobile Legends: Three Heroes You Need

Getting to Know Ling in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang can be a pain right? A lot of people just want to ban him for good. But what do you know? You don’t have to ban him to deal with him. Here are the three best heroes who can fight Ling and beat him.

Ling in Mobile Legends: There are two lightning strikes, Kaja.

If you’re Ling, you don’t want to mess with Kaja. Why? Because Kaja’s ability to damage and control large groups of people can make Ling question the choices he has made in his life.

A lightning blast from the sky, Kaja’s Divine Judgement skill stops Ling in his tracks and leaves him open for a beating. Also, Kaja is just as mobile as Ling, which makes it hard for the slippery killer to get away.

If you’re sick of Ling flying around and making a mess, choose Kaja and tell him who’s in charge.

Ling in Mobile Legends: Ruby: The Fighter Who Can’t Be Broken

Next is Ruby, who is the queen of getting life and lasting a long time. Ling may think that his wall-hopping tricks will help him get around Ruby, but Ruby has a secret weapon: she is very good at lockdown and maintain.

Ruby’s skills, such as “Let’s Dance” and “Don’t Run,” keep Ling in check by slowly killing him while she stays living. And if Ling tries to get away, Ruby’s hook can catch him and hurt him even more.

Pick Ruby and watch Ling fight to keep up if you want to show him what’s good for him.

Ling in Mobile Legends: Minsitthar is the leader of Counter-

Last but not least, there is Minsitthar, who is the best at controlling the fight. Ling likes chaos and confusion, but Minsitthar is here to stop it.

With his ultimate, Minsitthar can trap Ling and his friends in a ring of spears, making it impossible for them to get away in any way. And Minsitthar’s sword skills will quickly defeat Ling if he tries to get too close.

If you’re sick of Ling making a mess of your games, choose Minsitthar to bring order to the chaos.

Finding and Getting Rid of Ling

Ling may look like an unbeatable opponent in Mobile Legends, but you can turn the tide in your favour if you have the right heroes by your side. These heroes can beat Ling and help your team win, whether it’s Kaja’s powerful attacks, Ruby’s unwavering toughness, or Minsitthar’s strategic skills. When you see Ling on the other team, don’t freak out. Just pick one of these VTBET and show him who’s ruler!